FlvRecorder 4.01

An application that will help you capture FLV videos
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A lot of computer users are looking for a tool to help them capture the videos that they are streaming. FlvRecorder strives to offer a solution for this task.
FlvRecorder is designed to allow its users to record FLV videos from online streaming or movies playing on their PCs. This program depends on the network capturing abilities of WinPcap, so it cannot function without it.

One of the few good things about this version of the application is that it embeds a fully functional FLV player. Furthermore, you can create playlists that contain the videos that you want to watch, so you won’t need to manually load each of them.

Testing the newest version of FLVRecorder gave me a few headaches. I couldn’t get the videos that I recorded to work no matter what I tried. I’m not sure if this is some kind of trial version limitation or if there is actually a bug, but the end-result is clear: I couldn’t play the recordings. This was even more frustrating as I’ve seen in some video tutorials that the video recording function works for older version.

By my standards, FLVRecorder is definitely not worth its price, at least not in its current version. The only function that works fully is the video player, so I would recommend that you keep searching for better solutions.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Embeds a FLV player
  • Support HTTP and RTMP protocol
  • Allows you to record SWF files


  • Requires WinPcap in order to work
  • Has a lot of problems playing videos from URL addresses
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